ATP Training with a Beechcraft Baron 55

Accelerated Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Program

Originally designed by a military pilot for military pilots, this program is perfect for any pilot (military or civilian) looking to earn a Multi-Engine ATP Certificate efficiently, effectively, and affordably. Over 165 candidates have come through the program with a 95% pass rate.

Please Note: If you completed the ATP Certified Training Program (CTP) under the new regulations in order to take the written exam, you are still eligible for this program.

The Plane


The plane utilized for the program is a 95-C55 Baron. Advanced avionics (list below) and unfeathering accumulators make for an ideal training platform that is faster and more fun to fly than the traditional Piper Seminoles and Beech Duchesses found at other programs. WAAS capability increases the number of approaches available, resulting in increased flexibility on your training and checkride.

• Aspen EFD 1000 / MFD 500
• Garmin GTN650 (WAAS)
• KFC-200 autopilot
• EDM-960 Digital Engine Monitor
• Garmin MX20 MFD

The Program

At the core of the program is the study materials. We have condensed all the information you need into a clear and concise set of documents that saves study time and very effectively prepares you for the flight training.This at home study course eliminates the need for a ground school so you spend more time in the plane than on the ground. All flights will be recorded and provided to you as a debrief tool at no additional cost.

2 people can complete the program in 2-3 days. ICS in the back seats adds even more value by allowing 2 candidates to train together, which has proved to shorten time to train and ultimately lower your bottom line.

The location of Hampton Roads Airport is uniquely suited for a syllabus that is challenging, fun, and above all proven. 3 airports within 15 nm of each other and outside of Class C airspace allow your instructor to provide a positive training environment wile minimizing transit time.


The Instructors

Our flight instructors are the best in the business. Relying on extensive civilian and military aviation backgrounds your instructor will tailor the training to the needs of the customer while providing a challenging and fun environment both in the briefing room and cockpit.

Our instructors have provided over 1000 flight hours of ATP instruction with an extremely good safety record and sortie completion rate.

Timeline Example

Friday Afternoon*
• Flight 1 Brief

• Candidate 1 Flight 1

• Candidate 2 Flight 1
• Lunch (provided at no cost)
• Candidate 2 Flight 2
• Candidate 1 Flight 2

• Training Debrief and IACRA processing


• Morning Practical Test

• Afternoon Practical Test

*All events on Friday can be condensed into Saturday if required.

Program Requirements

Total: 1500
Airplane PIC: 250
Cross Country: 500
Night: 100
Instrument: 75
Multi Engine: 50

Total: 750
Airplane PIC: 250
Cross Country: 200
Night: 100
Instrument: 75
Multi Engine: 50

Program Costs

Effective 15 March 2017
Aircraft Rental (Dry): $260 per hour
Average Fuel Cost: $110 per hour
Flight Instruction: $60 per hour

Additional Expenses
Program Materials: $300
Examiner Fee: $450-500
Average Total Cost
(Including Examiner Fee)

Pilot Testimonial

“Protocom runs an outstanding ATP checkride prep program from start to finish.  He addresses every aspect of the process, tailors the training to the individual pilot’s needs, keeps the cost down, but at the same time ensures the pilot is prepared for the checkride with extra flight time if it’s necessary.  From before the training flights to after the checkride, Jake was constantly seeking feedback from the pilots to continuously improve an already incredibly thorough program.”— Former Navy Striker Fighter Squadron Commander

“I thought the program was a great value. I spent at least $1000 less than I would have spent going to ATP or some similar big-name training program. I’d recommend it to anyone with their written in hand.” -Navy F/A-18 Pilot

“The ATP program was excellent. The program was very efficient and accomplished the goal with no pain. As a Hawkeye pilot being familiar with the multi-engine world and asymmetric thrust, the cockpit fam, checkride gouge, and ATP Program Guide with abridged study info tied to PTS bullets made everything flow very fast. As far as cost, I could not be happier.” –Navy E-2 Pilot

“I can’t say enough about the professionalism and quality training of Protocom Aviation. I was able to accomplish in two days what would have taken me a week to do anywhere else. There is a tremendously steep learning curve throughout the first day but my instructor did an incredible job of instructing. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to complete their ATP rating.” -Navy E-2/C-2 Fleet Replacement Squadron Commander




To register for the Program, or for more information please email