Learn from former and current Navy pilots

All training is conducted by pilots who have extensive experience flying FA-18’s, most in combat operations from carriers over Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as a wide variety of other aircrafts.

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Airline Transport Pilot Training

Originally designed by a military pilot for military pilots, this program is perfect for any pilot (military or civilian) looking to earn a Multi Engine ATP certificate efficiently, effectively, and affordably. Over 165 candidates have come through the program with a 95% pass rate.

See ATP Training page for details

Jet Unusual Attitude Training

jet-unusualProtocom Aviation holds an FAA approved LODA (Letter of Deviation Authority) to conduct initial, recurrent, ejection seat, spin, and unusual attitude training in a state of the art Aero L-39C.  This aircraft was rebuilt from the ground up as an Unusual Attitude Trainer (UAT) and features a glass cockpit front and back as well as winglets and internal and external cameras for mission debrief.

The flight syllabus is designed to demonstrate recognition, flight characteristics and recovery from out of control flight.  Students will walk away with the confidence that every pilot should have knowing that they can recover their aircraft safely and correctly from any flight attitude. This training is valuable to both jet and propellor pilots alike.

The L-39C jet is the only jet powered aircraft authorized to spin, bringing a unique training opportunity for personal, corporate, and airline pilots alike.  This training is a must have for professional jet pilots.

All instructors are either active duty or former US Navy FA-18 fighter pilots with a minimum of 2000 hours flying military tactical jet aircraft.  Simply put, our L-39 UAT instructors are the best in the world.

3 hours of ground training
Flight 1 – Stalls, unusual attitude recognition and recovery, aerobatics.
Flight 2 – Out of control flight, spins, aerobatics.

Cost- $6500


tailwheel-homeFor those who want to fly some of the most fun and unique aircraft in the world, a Tailwheel endorsement is a must have.  Protocom Aviation uses a proven building block approach to safe and effective Tailwheel instruction.  Tailwheel competenacy usually takes a number of flights over a number of days under various wind conditions to fully master.  See list below for aircraft available for Tailwheel instruction. Call for pricing.

• Citabria
• Great Lakes
• Stearman
• L-19 Bird dog
• Murphy Moose
• AT-6G Texan

Seaplane Training

sea-planeWe provide single engine sea training in our 1974 Cessna 172M.  Water landing facilities are only 18 minutes away from our home field (KPVG) in Hampton Roads. Seaplane training can also be easily  accomplished over a weekend stay at our facility.

Average price:  $1795  (6 hours aircraft, 5 hours instruction, checkride fee )

Helicopter Training

• Instruction is $515/hr ($465 if purchased in 20hr blocks)
• Film/Photo flights $500/hr with a 1hr minimum.
• R44 Discovery/Intro Flight is $199 and 25 minutes long (includes Pilot Logbook)
• Tidewater Tour covers Western Branch, Newport News Shipyard, Portsmouth, Waterside, Town Center, Oceanfront, Chicks Beach & South Chesapeake Bay (call for pricing).
• Beach Tour covers from Sandbridge north to Cape Henry, Grandview Beach in Hampton, Huntington Beach, Buckroe Beach & South Chesapeake Bay (call for pricing).
• Custom Tours available (call for pricing).
• Gift certificates available for ALL occasions

**1-3 people (300lb per seat limit). **Minimum age is 3 years old.