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Hampton Roads Premier Flight School and Charter Service

About Protocom Aviation

Whether you are looking to start a career as a professional pilot, a rated pilot looking for aircraft rental, or a military pilot looking for a General Aviation transition we have you covered. With the most diverse fleet of aircraft on the east coast, we can facilitate everything from Private to ATP and everything in between. We live by our motto (Efficient, Effective, Affordable) to provide the customer with the best possible aviation experience. Based at Hampton Roads Executive Airport (KPVG), we are ideally suited for flight training as well as transportation services. Started by a US Navy Fighter Pilot and highly experienced Helicopter Pilot, Protocom has grown to equally serve civilian and military pilots. Our instructors have extensive military and civilian backgrounds with the goal to provide the customer with a safe, professional, and fun experience.


Available Programs

Flight Training

Flight Training

We offer a variety of Airplane and Helicopter Part 61 training programs.
Contact us for more information regarding details of a specific program.

Airplane (Single and Multi Engine)




Flight Instructor (CFI)

Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)

Multi Engine Instructor (MEI)




Flight Instructor (CFI)

Accelerated ATP

Accelerated ATP and Multi Engine Program

Originally designed by a military pilot for military pilots, this program is perfect for any pilot (military or civilian) looking to earn a Multi-Engine ATP Certificate efficiently, effectively, and affordably. Over 200 candidates have come through the program with a 94% pass rate.

If you are seeking a multi engine private or commercial multi engine rating we also offer accelerated training programs built from our very successful ATP Program. Contact us for more details.

The plane utilized in our program is a 95-C55 Baron. Advanced avionics (listed below) and unfeathering accumulators make for an ideal training platform that is faster and more fun to fly than the traditional Piper Seminoles and Beech Duchesses found at other programs. WAAS capability increases the number of approaches available, resulting in increased flexibility on your training and checkride.


  • Aspen EFD 1000 / MFD 500

  • Garmin GTN650 (WAAS)

  • KFC-200 autopilot

  • EDM-960 Digital Engine Monitor

At the core of the program is the study materials. We have condensed all the information you need into a clear and concise set of documents that saves study time and very effectively prepares you for the flight training. This at home study course eliminates the need for a ground school so you spend more time in the plane when at Protocom.

2 people can complete the program in as little as 2 days. By pairing up candidates together they have the opportunity (at no cost) to observe each other’s flights thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of each flight and lowering time to train.

The location of Hampton Roads Airport is uniquely suited for a syllabus that is challenging, fun, and above all proven. 3 airports within 15 nm of each other and outside of Class C airspace allow your instructor to provide a positive training environment while minimizing transit time. 

Average Total Cost (Including Examiner Fee) $3,500

Professional Pilot Program (3P)

The growth of the aviation community, a good economy, and a pilot shortage means that there is no better time to become a professional pilot. Our 3P Program allows you to make your dream of becoming a professional pilot a reality efficiently, effectively, and affordably.


We understand that the quicker you go from paying to fly to getting paid to fly, the better. In order to ensure a 3P candidate completes the program in the shortest time possible we only accept a limited number of students per year for this program.

If you talk to any experienced pilot they will tell you that the more airplanes you learn to fly the better pilot you become. We embrace this concept fully. As a 3P candidate you will get the opportunity to fly 5 different aircraft throughout the course to include seaplane and tailwheel aircraft.

Contact us for more information regarding timelines and cost.

Seaplane Decoys Seafood

Seaplane Add on Program

For most pilots a seaplane rating is a bucket list item. Operating out of Hampton Roads Executive Airport (KPVG) using our Cessna 172M on amphibious floats you can earn your seaplane add-on (Private or Commercial) in a weekend. Our two day course makes getting your seaplane rating a challenging and fun experience.
Program Cost (Including Examiner Fee) $2,200
If you are travelling in from out of town consider staying at one of the luxury cottages at Bennett’s Creek Marina (BCM), just north of the Hampton Roads Airport.  Their man-made beach directly adjacent to the cottages allows us to pick you up and drop you off during your training and has an on-site restaurant, Decoys, with pool and Tiki Bar.  
Program Cost (Including 2 nights in BCM Cottage) $2,700

Airline Currency Program

Airline Currency Program

We understand that many aviators struggle to maintain currency prior to transitioning to the airlines, especially when many final tours are non-flying. That is why we have designed an aircraft rental discount program for those looking to get the hours they need for their respective or prospective airline. Please contact us for more information.

Charter Services and Rides

Meeting the needs of business & personal travel. Our expert pilots provide on demand travel, as well as group travel  services to special events, meetings, getaways, football games, wine tasting trips, and vacations.

Private Airplane Charter

Private Charters

Whether it’s a long distance business meeting, a weekend get-away in the Shenandoah Valley area, door-to-door service to Virginia Tech games or just about anywhere in the Washington DC, New York City Area, Protocom Aviaition is prepared to serve you.  

Pine Island Airport Service

Protocom Aviation provides aircraft services into Pine Island Airport in the Outer Banks with pickup and drop off service from numerous locations in and around the Mid Atlantic Region.

Common travel requests are:

  • Trips to vineyards of Virginia and West Virginia.

  • Mountain getaways to the Shenandoah Valley area.

  • Virginia Tech football games and other sporting events.

  • Business meetings at various locations.

  •  Hampton Roads to Washington DC, Richmond, Charlotte, Lynchburg, New York, Manassas.

Rates vary based on the size of your party and details of your trip.  Call or email for a quote.

Helicopter Tours Virginia

Helicopter Tours

Beach Tours cover from Sandbridge north to Cape Henry, Grandview Beach in Hampton, Huntington Beach, BuckroeBeach, and South Chesapeake Bay. Custom tours available
Tidewater Tour covers Western Branch, Newport News Shipyard, Portsmouth, Waterside, Town Center, Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Chicks Beach & South Chesapeake Bay (call for pricing).

Our Fleet

Flight Training School



Instruction is $465/HR (discount available for block time purchase)
• Film/Photo flights $500/hr with a 1hr minimum.
• R44 Discovery/Intro Flight is $149 for helicopter $99 for plane and 25 minutes long (includes Pilot Logbook).



Seaplane - $265 per hour (Dual Only)

Cessna 172M with Amphibious Floats

Cessna 172E – $120 per hour

Cessna 172N – $130 per hour

7ECA Citabria – $120 per hour

35-C33 Debonair - $200 per hour

95-C55 Baron - $395 per hour

Helicopter - $400 per hour

Block rate discounts available

Flight Instruction Rates

Primary Instruction - $55 per hour
Instrument/Commercial/Tailwheel - $60 per hour
Multi Engine/Helicopter/Seaplane - $65 per hour
Owner Aircraft - $70 per hour

Seaplane rides norfolk, VA

Additional Services

We offer the following in addition to our traditional flight school:

Tail Wheel Endorsement
CFI Spin Endorsement
Complex and HP Endorsement
Biennial Flight Review (BFR)
Instrument Proficiency
Check (IPC)


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